Patience ...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I made a few online purchases right before New Years .. Including the dress that I was suppose to wear for new years .. But as of now, NONE of them purchases have arrived!!! I mean a few items I understand cuz they did tell me the shipment will take a while longer. But the dress I ordered! Those ppl are really testing my patience!!

Originally, they promised to ship it out on the 30th so I get it the next day 31st. BUT on the 30th they say they don't have it. So they'll ship it on the 31st and make it a same day delivery (since the store is actually in my city). BUT of course, on the 31st they say they can't ship it cuz their inventory was delayed .... SO ... They said they'll ship it out on the 3rd. & Honestly its now the 5th and I still see no sign of my dress ... ggrr .. All I'm asking for is an exact shipment date! If they can't ship it then don't promise me they can ... its just ridiculous!!! .. argh!

Sorry for the rampage. But I HAD TO get it out some where ...

Hope none of you go through online purchases like this ~

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