"Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last night I got to watch the movie "Dorian Gray" inspired by the story "Picture of Dorian Gray" Oscar Wilde wrote. And once again, Oscar Wilde's imagination didn't fail to intrigue me.

Many believe Oscar Wilde is a cynic. A man that saw the negative side of the world. But after reading some of his quotes, I disagree. He's not a cynic. But rather a socialist who saw the world for what it is. & personally I believe, when you can see the world, the people, the events taken daily for what it truly was. That is when you are set free. Because you no longer merely live in the shallow end of the water. You can then see things on an more objective level, and see that all courses of activities aren't necessary personal.

What I meant by "personal" is, when in life, certain things take place. Most people take it very personally, and believe people are there to attack/hurt them. But if you understand the core intention for that person was to self benefit or self protect. You'll see that whatever it is, or whoever it may involve. The person probably would do the same and act accordingly. If you see it that way, when someone wrongs you, I guess it's not really targeted towards you personally per say, but rather it was just an self protective mechanism and he/she would have done it to anyone, not just necessarily to you.

One of Oscar Wilde's quotes says: "Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow"

I find it so utterly true.

When I saw that quote. It's like all the things the patheticans (what I like to call those ppl :P) around me do, suddenly all makes sense.

Those patheticans, because each and every decision of their acts are based upon shallow influences. They need to make it seem "serious" so people won't see them for who they are. Usually such individuals are terrified of being judged, criticized, and desperate to maintain a certain kind of reputation. & in order to maintain such, they would do ANYTHING and vanquish anyone who might be a burden to them.

It's sad to say, that I see so many of such individuals. & I guess, sometimes I cave to such temptations too. But thanks to these patheticans, they remind me to swim deeper into the depths. Because when I see how they live their life, it saddens me. They will forever live under the burden of the shallow limelight.

I don't want to live till I'm 80 and think back, all I did was lived a life stressing over what others thought of me.

As for them? I wish them luck. & hopefully they will one day find true happiness. A True happiness that is not built on destroying others ... But I guess in order for that day to come, those individuals have to find and be content with the person they really are first .. which is something I highly doubt they can do .. or is willing to admit.

To know one's flaws, it's the first step to loving one self.


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