Only Thing We Missin' Is a Black Guitar

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Last night, because my cousin and one of our friends are now working as the marketing team at this club call Guandii. We went out to show them some support ~ <3 The club, it used to be my favorite club. But it was shut down and the new owner has renovated the entire interior decor. & I actually quite like the new attire Guandii has adapted.

It's been a while since there's a new venue to go to .. that's not tacky and overloaded with wierdos ... I know I sound mean. But if you've been here you'll realize that some club is all about quantity and don't give a shit about quality!

In general, so far I give this venue a B .. & it's always nice to have ppl you know well working there hehe ..

Photo Memoirs:


Other than spending time with friends, I FINALLY sat down and changed my blackberry to the white case that my friend gave me since Christmas lol ...

I'm calling her Snow White .. :P

& Last I leave you with some pictures of our cat Sky ~  .. For those that don't know. Sky's a stray which my bf and I picked up when he was still 6 weeks old. Poor thing was roaming the streets, eating whatever he could find. When we found him, he was sooo skinny. But now he's a punk who lives the good life lol ..

I'm so happy to see him all healthy and happy :)

& while I'm talking about animals: For those who are thinking of having a pet. I strongly recommend adopting. There are so many strays that are absolutely adorable that NEEDS a loving home ... So please. If you are a true animal lover, adopt. <3


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