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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last night during dinner, we somehow came across the discussion on how to make our lips looking more luscious. Especially during the winter season, when it's prone to chill winds thus easily disturbed and resulting in dried chapped lips ... I don't know about other people. But personally, I think your lips is as important as any other part of your skincare remedies.

So this post is dedicated to lip care .. and usually skincare posts (esp. makeup tutorials) are targeted towards the female readers. But this post, I strongly suggest male readers to take a peep too ... I don't want to sound mean .. but .. If you are a guy with ultra dry lips, it makes it a lot less appealing to kiss you .. and I think it goes the same the other way around. So if we ladies are taking care of ourselves for you men, then I think it's only fair you men do it too ~ :D

Lip Care 101
5 Tips to beautiful lips:

1.Moisturize it!

I remember, I once read some where and it said: Think of your lips like a sponge. When exposed to moisture they absorb water and plump up.

Drink enough fluids through out the day. Keeping a bottle of water with you and drinking around 8-9 cups of water is suggested. Though this is very straight forward and simple. I know soooo many of us hardly drinks even half the needed amount of water per day .. So drink up!

2. Quit licking your lips! 

Many of us tend to have a lip licking habit. ESPECIALLY when lips feel dry or have peeling skin .. am I right? But that's not only NOT helping your lip condition but it's really making it worse!

Licking your lips will actually damage your natural protective barrier and in result making your lips even more dry. So quit doing that and next time when it does feel dry, use a lip balm.

3. Exfoliate your lips from time to time. 

Just like your skin, the lips should also get a mild scrub from time to time. Using products that contain fruit-acid-based alpha or beta hydroxy acids is the best .. similar to the exfoliants u use for your face.

By using exfoliants on your lips, it will help remove unnecessary skin/dead skin cells and help maintain your lips looking fresh ~

4. Protect your lips!

If your lips are looking wrinkly and dark that means it's been over exposed to the sun. When you go out, you should apply sunscreen or SPF lip balm on your lips to protect it from UV rays. (The one I recommend is the Keihls World's Best Lip Balm with SPF 15)

5. Occasionally Matte

For those who llooovvvee lipstick and esp Matte lipsticks should only wear it on special occasions or when needed. Because lipsticks, esp the Matte colors, is very dry on the lips. & When worn often it will leave your lips looking very dry ~

Above are some easy everyday care for your lips and if you take care of it. It'll be looking delish in no time ~

Next time. I'll post some lip balm/product recommendations as a follow up to this entry!

Hope u all had a wonderful weekend!

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