Ambigram Tattoos

Saturday, January 23, 2010

So I've been thinking about getting another tattoo .. For the record: Currently I have 6 tattoos. & I've been craving to add another for a while now .. But I really didn't know exactly what I wanted.

So today while browsing online, I came across these ambigram tattoos and I can't stop thinking about getting one ~ lol ..

I've always wanted to tattoo my cat Leah's name on my inner wrist. But I also wanted my other cat - Kitty's name tattooed on as well cause Kitty was my first cat that I grew up with ... and Crazy as it may sound to some but they mean the world to me. Leah's still currently with me but Kitty passed away while I was still in high school. So, I've been contemplating how to get both their names on me without looking ridiculous .. considering the number of pets I have and all .. lol .. & with the Ambigram tattoos I can do exactly that!

So yes, it's been decided. I drew out a rough sketch and I will soon be adding this to my body art collection:

It says Leah this way

Kitty when viewed the other

And here's another rough sketch I did for Mr. Rowe's collection:

Poison / Remedy Ambigram Tattoo

Now I'm all excited!! lol .. Can't wait!! .. Though I'm pretty sure a lot of my friends and family's gonna complain that I'm getting yet another tattoo haha .. :P


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