Sunday, January 31, 2010

Being Sunday. I spent the day with Mr. Rowe and family.

Woke up this morning and went to a late lunch with Mr. Rowe and his uncle. We went to this restaurant by my house. The atmosphere was really nice and they had a beautiful garden .. which would be awesome for spring time :) I'll probably take my dog with me when the weather's warm enough ~

Then at nightfall Mr. Rowe and I had dinner with my family. We went to this all you can eat Korean BBQ. Though food was great, I some how didn't have an appetite .. In the end I spent time playing with my Nugget lol .. Good thing we brought her!:P

Photo Memoirs:

Though it was raining, it wasn't too cold. So FINALLY no more bulky clothes!
Mr. Rowe ordering away at the restaurant. 
& Me buried in the cuteness of my Nugget ~ 
One of the adorable munchkins of my household ~ <3 

& That was my little eventful yet relaxing Sunday ~ How was yours?


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