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Sunday, December 06, 2009

So just the past Saturday, Mr. Rowe accompanied me and attended the opening ceremony of a Museum dedicated to the traditional performance art: Peking Opera.

(Though I have minimal knowledge of Peking Opera .. which I'm quite ashamed of .. because both my Great Grandfather (周信芳) and Grandfather (周少麟) are very respected and well known artists in the field ..)

This time in contribution and honor of my great grandfather, our family donated a few main pieces for the museum to display. My grandpa William was the guest of honor but because of his age and his current health issues, we had to escort him to the venue.

When we arrived, we first attended the opening ceremony and then they took us on a tour around the exhibition.

As a young kid, I often accompanied my family to see my grandfather perform. But because I was so young then. My memory fails me terribly when it comes to what I know of this particular history ... So it was definitely nice to see and learn about it now.

Ok. Picture time :)

Opening Ceremony. The young performer was only in Primary School.

He had an amazing voice .. Quite frightening how good he is considering he's so young!

A Certificate was given to my grandpa. Thanking him for his donation to the Museum.

One of the 6 pieces which we donated.
A performance outfit my grandpa wore during his tour in Taiwan.

The shoes my grandpa wore on stage .. high platforms .. hehe ..

With mom and grandpa :)

Mr. Rowe posing in front of one of the props lol

Chair, Desk, Stationary all once used by my great grandfather.

One of the last pieces that belonged to my great grandfather.
A "rehearsal robe" worn by my great grandpa.

Most of the clothes which belonged to my great grandfather was burnt during the cultural revolution. So this piece is very rare and valuable.

The dolls were so pretty and delicate

okie ~ blog to here for now :) More updates later!

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