Beauty Blog: Makeup Tutorial #3

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some days have passed since my last makeup tutorial entry ~ & Since I have time on my hands, I thought I'd squeeze in one today ;)

The makeup tutorial I'm doing today was inspired by the Jean Paul Gaultier 2009 Fall Runway look that I got off ~ Very Boudoir Couture with the strong eyeliner and red lipstick. & actually this look takes very little time to do since its all about smudging the eyeliner .. So compared to the last 2 Tutorials I did, this one is good for last minute makeup run or if you don't want the heavy eyeshadow look but still want to have seductive eyes!

Lets Begin ..

Makeup which you'll be needing:
Eye Shadow Makeup in shades of brown

Black Pencil Eyeliner
(My 1st Choice is: Giorgio Armani's Silk Smooth Eyeliner)

Black Liquid/Gel Eyeliner
(My 1st choice: Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel Eyeliner)

How To:

Use eye shadow A with a big brush and apply to the entire eyelid. This will naturally create a natural shadow effect. Giving your eyes more depth.
Note: This is esp true for Asians. Since our eyes have less depth.

Using a pencil eyeliner, create 2 thick lines as indicated above.

If you're using the Giorgio Armani eyeliner or something similar, the eyeliner itself, on the end of the pencil, has a small sponge. Use that to smudge your eyeliner. (Or you can use Q-tips to do this as well)

Now use eyeshadow A, apply to the area indicated with the white dots. Make sure you don't over apply. Just around the eye line. If you applied too much, you can use B to blend and create a more natural tone.

Last, use a liquid/Gel eyeliner, line out both your upper and lower eye lines. But don't draw too long. Just from inner corner to your outer corner (See picture above).
Apply mascara, or to have the exact look, apply long fake lashes. & You're done!

This makeup took me prob at most 10 - 15 mins. So definitely very convenient but with excellent results!

For the ultimate look, or if attending something more formal, apply a dark red lipstick ~

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Have a great week! ;)


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