Beauty Blog: Makeup Tutorial #2

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Since I got a lot of good feedback on my last makeup tutorial. Thought for this week's beauty blog, I'll just do another one.

Yesterday I posted some pictures of runway model's makeup. So I thought I'll take one of the looks and demonstrate it here ~

Today I picked the Valentino 2008 runway Look: 

I chose this one because the steps to creating it is similar to my previous tutorial. Only with a few minor changes. Since makeup takes practice, I thought I'd keep it easy by doing something similar first ~

The previous look I did were in shades of black. This one is in shades of brown .. which might be more acceptable to some compared to dramatic black :)

Lets Begin ..

Colors I'll be using (mainly from KATE eye makeup again .. but if you can't find this brand, similar colors would do ~) :

How To:

Using the Stila Cream Eye shadow (in light cream/beige color) apply it to the entire upper eyelid area. This is to act like a primer and help the following eye shadow  colors to go on evenly.

Using eye shadow color A,apply to the entire upper eyelid. You'll see that because you used the cream eye shadow as a primer the color will go on very evenly.

Then using eye shadow B, apply to the area within the dotted line indicated in the picture above. You can use A to blend in between to create a more gradual dark-to-light shade.

Then use C, and apply to the area within the triangle indicated in the picture above. After, in the same area, take D and use your finger to smudge a little bit of shimmer on.

Apply a dark brown eyeliner/eye shadow on both upper and lower eye lid area.
NOTE: The makeup this time, has less emphasis on eyeliner. So just use a shade of brown/dark brown.

Then smudge out the lower eye area with eye shadows (in the following order): B, A, & D. Creating a balanced effect to the top of your eye.

Within the inner eye corner (indicated with dotted line above) use D to highlight.

Last, apply mascara and fake eyelashes to finish up your look ~
NOTE: For those who already have thick natural lashes, I suggest you just use mascara. This look, tho heavy on eye shadow, the eye-line is kept quite light. Therefore don't need to overdo it :)

And there's your home created Valentino 2008 Runway Look! ;)

Until next time!


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