Beauty Blog: Makeup Tutorial #1

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas and New Years Eve is coming up soon! It's my favorite time of the year because us ladies get to dress up and go crazy with our makeup ;) .. of course not as crazy as Halloween but it doesn't hurt to glam it up a notch right?

So I thought I'd post a tutorial on how to do a basic smokey eye cuz they are always fun to do for parties :)

The palette I'm using is from the Japanese Makeup Brand: KATE
(For those who don't have access to this brand I suggest MAC eyeshadows. You can go to the counter and put together a similar palette ~)

When giving instructions I'll be referring to these 2 pictures. ABCs for which color I'm using and 123s for which brush ;)

So here goes! :) (Click on picture for larger images)
 Use brush 1 and apply A onto your entire upper eyelid

Use brush 4 and appl B along the side of ur upper eyelid. Creating a thick black line like indicated on the picture.

Using brush 3 apply C, from the previously applied line, up to the middle of your eyelid (as indicated above with white dots). At this point, don't worry about being even with the color, because the next step is when you will blend.

Use brush 2 and apply D. Apply to the area where the white dotted lines are located. This will help blend the dark color and give you a natural shade from dark to light. 

Once the upper eyelid is done. Then using a pencil liner. You line both your upper and lower eyelid.

After use eyeshadow (in the following order): C,D,and A. To help blend out your lower eyelid and create a more balanced effect to your upper eyelid.

When all the blending is done. You can then apply a liquid eyeliner (I prefer Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner) to both your upper and lower eye area. The upper: pull a line from thin to thick, from INNER corner to the OUTER corner. The Lower: Draw a line from thin to thick, starting at the MIDDLE of the eye to your OUTER corner (as indicated by the white dots above).

And when all the above is done. You can apply Mascara, Fake lashes to finish up your look! :)

& that's my tutorial for now! Hope it helped! ;)


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