Beauty Blog: 1, 2, & 3 Ranking for Exfoliants .. In My Book

Friday, December 18, 2009

Morning Ladies!

Its Saturday, that means: Beauty blog entry time ~
Thanks again for all the support you lovely ladies are showing me :) It's nice to see positive feedback. So Thank you ~ <3

Since I've been doing makeup tutorials for the past 2 weeks. I've decided to do a skincare post today .. balance it out a little u know .. hehe ...

& This entry is dedicated to exfoliants .. or we usually also call it: scrubs ...Personally I think scrubs are VERY important. It helps remove dead skin cells and maintain your skin cycle so your complexion stays bright and healthy!

Today, I shall be sharing with you my 1, 2, and 3 ranking of exfoliants. Ones that I've been using and find nothing less than great healthy skin results! So sit tight and lets begin!

At Number 3:

This apricot seed scrub is awesome for a quick fix in the shower when you feel your skin need mild exfoliating. I use this when I'm in the rush, its a quick fix when I know my skin is looking dull and rough and NEED a skin SOS. Unlike most scrubs. The DHC facial scrub is not the foamy face wash type scrub. I love how it makes my skin feel extremely clean right after use ~ & the price is fairly cheap :)

At Number 2:

This is a totally different kind of scrub. A scrub that won best product in 2006. It uses rice starch, blended with a non oil based cream to help gently exfoliate your skin. It also contains Aloe to help soothe your skin. It has been clinically proven, the results of using this scrub is equal to going for a clinical micro-dermabrasion. Personally, I love the results every time I use it. & because it's so mild. I can use it every other day and my skin won't be irritated at all. In fact, it makes my skin glow even more!

AND At Number 1:

This brown sugar laced with strawberries scrub is my ultimate favorite! Not only the smell of it is great. But I love how it is also a deep cleansing mask that leaves your skin radiant after use ~ This product is also fairly mild, which if you choose to, you can use it every day and your skin won't feel irritated.

Note: When using exfoliates. You should try to use one at least once a week to help remove dead skin cells. Be gentle when exfoliating, it is after all your skin. Moderate strength and massage with finger tips. Usually in an upward circular motion from chin to forehead

& this sums up my 3 best picks for exfoliants! If you have other suggestions do let me know!


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