Backstage Memoirs

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

First, I'd like to say thank you for those who have been coming to my blog! It's definitely making blogging a lot more fun for me! ;)

Anyway .. :P

I took some time today and browsed the world wide web. Indulging myself in backstage photos of various amazing designer runway shows. Clothes were of course captivating to look at. But what I like to admire even more, is the magic makeup artists work on the models. Transforming the models into vixens & fairies to match the silhouette each individual designer laid out for them.

After skimming through, if I can recall, dozens of photographs. There was a few in particular that caught my eye. Makeup fun, that I believe, we can come to use in our daily activities :)

CHANEL Fall 2009

Christian Dior Fall 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture 2009

Valentino Couture 2008

Love these different styles! I will definitely try 'em out .. maybe do a tutorial on each of them in the near future :) So check back!

Other than scavenging online for makeup inspirations, another bag of goodies I ordered arrived! :D Again some accessories lol .. Yes. I'm a little accessory crazed lately ~

House of Harlow bracelet and ring
I've wanted that ring for the longest time! but being in Asia, sometimes we just don't get things right away. So tho late, I'm happy to have finally gotten my ring! A LAS!

A cute crystal cross necklace & a simple thin gold chain
These 2 necklaces are nothing expensive. But I like how simple it looks. Very good for matching other accessories :)

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