Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back to Shanghai. Back to Work. Have a whole pile of new clothes to post up onto my online store. Which in some ways I've been lazy and putting it off .. haha .. cuz right before I headed off to Sanya and Taipei, I was actually sick. Coughing non stop .. Thank god I got better before the trips ... I wouldn't want to be quaranteened @ the airport lolz ...

Since I'm working with a gf in Japan. She supplies me with clothes from JP itself. This time we got some Sly, Moussy, & Royal Party Tees, hoodies etc.

I've had ppl email me from overseas. unfortunately, as of now, only shipping within Asia. Anywhere outside of Asia, shipping cost is a little too pricey. So sorry ~~ But for those who are in Asia and would like to make an purchase. Feel free to contact me via email:

Here I leave u with some of the clothes I carry online (for rest you can go to my store:

& Thank u for the support. Very Much Appreciated!

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