Friday, November 13, 2009

As I chew thru my Slim Secrets "Binge-Buster" Protein bar while browsing the varsity of blogs on the world wide web. I can't help but notice how some bloggers are merely half-assed, cursory, flake individuals who propose that they live a vivacious life.

oh, don't doubt me! There are many intriguing blogs out there that does more than entice me. But as the blogging community expands, it seems like a bunch of "bleh" pops into scene.

Individuals, who merely post of sand bar materials of their every day life,

Individuals, who merely copy and paste other's intro, info, description, definitions etc. and submit as an entry.

Individuals, who would be caught dead if they wrote more than a sentence.

& what I'm ashamed of the most is: because of these trifling inspirations, I've occasionally committed these crimes myself!

So even though these words may be blatant, but it is a reminder to myself, AND a salute to those enticing blogateers, for creating an intellectual and captivating blog world.

As for the mere wannabes, blusterers, High school drop outs etc? Well I guess they will keep us entertained while they last ... After all, it is quite a good laugh .. lol

That's just me.


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