Save a Life.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Today, my bf and I picked up another stray kitten (6 weeks) old. We found her behind Theosky's apartment complex. Right by the dumpster. Originally there was 3 kittens and a mother. & Theosky's been feeding them the past 3 days. But today when we went down to provide these poor little creatures with some food. We noticed the dumpster, originally a mountain of trash, cardboard boxes etc. were shrunk down to half the size. Immediately, both of us searched arnd for the cats HOPING that they ran away fast enough so that the garbage truck didn't scoop them away along with the trash.

Very soon we noticed, on top of the remaining pile of trash residue, sat one little kitten. Breathing hard. As if it was gasping for as much air it's lung could possibly allow. I knew right there she was sick. So Theosky climbed onto the pile of trash, retrieved the kitten, and we jumped into a cab and headed towards the vet.

Thank god for our vet! This animal hospital is one of the few in China that helps stray cats & dogs, and also help them find new homes to live a healthy & happy life.

So now the kitten is at the vet's, strongly fighting for her life. We donated some money for her meds, and keeping our fingers crossed that she'll pull thru the next 3 days (according to the vet it'll be very critical .. ). & I just pray she'll come thru, get healthy, and recieve the love she deserves!

Some may think I'm a crazy animal lover, or even joke that I'm the crazy cat lady. But in the end, animal or humans, those who need help SHOULD be given help. & Those who CAN help should provide the help.

I've had ppl ask me: Why help animals when there are so many people who need help?

My answer's simple: Those who asks that question, & seperate the 2, are simply individuals who wouldn't/haven't provide help neither HUMANS or ANIMALS in their existing lifetime. Because anyone who's willing to give love and help, wouldn't care who or what they are helping in the first place.

Maybe I can only save a kitten at a time. But at least I know I'm giving it all I can & providing immediate help.

So as a friend of mine, I ask of you: Next time when you see an individual (human or animal) in need of help. Don't just look away.

If only humans were less selfish beings.

Save a Life.

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