The Dream of Red Mansions 【红楼梦】

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Classic tale 【红楼梦】 is currently being remade. & Since I showed support to my aunt. It would be very wrong of me to neglect my Grand Aunt right?

She [Tsai Chin] plays as the "贾母"(Grandmother) on the upcoming series. ... & yes. If you're wondering and find her familiar .. In Grey's Anatomy She played the part of Christina Yang's mother. & some of you might remember her from the movie Joy Luck Club .. She played one fo the mothers. lol ... & NO. tho in both she spoke English with an strong Chinese accent! She speaks PERFECT English .. how typical of Hollywood to make the Asians soooo "Asian" right?

Anyway .. I personally loved the book of 红楼梦. so I'm eagerly waiting for it to air! For those who can read Chinese & interested, herez the official site to the tv series:

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