C.C.C. Couture. Chanel. Cigarettes. Highly Addictive, Dangerously Satisfying.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

So last night went out again to support my bb's night @ Mao.

SPOTTED again with the ringadings and model rejects. Fun? Well its alright. But really its the same ol' tune replayed on a weekly basis. lol ..

& Now that I try to stay sober (might I add, doing quite successfully!) I see how ridiculous some ppl may act. But in the end all that matters is that you, yourself, clearly see the true colors of certain individuals. Rather it be acquaintances or someone you've known for a longer period of time. Becuz, like I always say: It always better to know EARLY than late.

Anyhoo .. Pics from last night:

My 3 Cs. Couture. Chanel. Cigarettes.
All Highly Addictive, Yet Dangerously Satisfying.


The dress I got made for my birthday but never got the chance to wear until last night :P

my nugget. cuter than EVER!

The stray kitten aka SKY is now living healthy .. and apparently LOVES to watch tv.


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