A Tiny Reunion wit some good ol' friends ~

Monday, May 04, 2009

Living in the ever buzzing city of Shanghai, I've become accustomed to the often visitors here and there .. and when I say here and there I mean literally EVERY single week someone is visiting lolz ... Of course I dun mind seeing familiar faces from my past ~ esp those who I grew up with back when I was still "sweet" & "innocent" .. haha ... yeh. whatevers right?

Speaking of which I think this coming weekend a acquaintance of mine is arriving in town ... I guess the whole detox thing is out the window? sighs .. ~ lolz ...

Anyhooo ~ Last weekend was definitely special, tho the time we got to spend together were brief, I was still happy to see 2 friends that I've known for a very very long time ~ Reminiscing about our silly times when we did .. ahem .. lets just say things ... haha ..

Well photos time! Some photos from the weekend with my baby Theosky & friends ~ :P

See the dude in the black suit?! yes. YOU TUNG SUK SUK!! Lolz .. Its always fun to see u & have you remind me of our silly high school days :P

My cousin KK, Ariel & me ~

Amma ~ Nice see u WOMAN!

My Little random yet interesting gift from Amma .. Had no idea Chupachups had bath balls ... lolz ..

Baby & moi's FIRST day time photo haha ..

Baoer, Ami, & me @ TaiKang Rd

Okies thats it ~

Loves Gi

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